After Dudley ………… Before Eunice

The Thursday between the storms was a bit windy but mostly sunny so the bike took me again to ANR (where else?). These are some of the results, in no particular order.

This robin was only interested in singing ‘at’ me than the proffered sunflower seeds.

These tufted ducks surprised me by diving for the sunflower seeds I threw into the water. They stay under by furiously paddling their webbed feet, hence the turbulence on the surface.

Great crested grebe, still in winter plumage, with breakfast. a pair of goosanders and a distant view of a couple of oyster catchers, a relatively rare sight at ANR.

Bluetit, great tit, male & female reed buntings and you can add your own caption to the face-off between a bolshie robin and a dermined great tit.

Unusually, blackbirds were visiting the bird table. They look to be in fine breeding condition.

Finally, the webcams on the Newton Building of Nottingham Trent University revealed that one of the peregrine falcons is now in residence. These are screen grabs from yesterday and today (16th & 17th). We await developments.

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