Blue, Coal, Long-tailed, Marsh & Great ……….

This week Beeston Birdman’s latest article for the Beeston Local News will be published and followers can have a sneak preview (above) with some extra pictures from the archive of birds in the Tit Family but first ……………


3 of these images are VIDEO CLIPS. To view please click on the picture.

Initially this nest box (made by my brother) was adjacent to our porch where it was used by great tits for several years. I was able to view the activity from inside through the porch door.

I then moved the box to the Leylandii at the bottom of the garden where it was used again. The second picture is one of the young that fledged as I approached, flying close to my right ear and then clinging to the fence. I has not been used for several years but I have put up a couple more so I look forward hopefully.

These are baby bluetits in one of of our feeders. They have got the right idea by holding the seed under one foot to peck away but they should have taken it first to a less exposed position.

Bluetit bath time and babies begging on the fence, both from the garden and one attacking its reflection in a car wing mirror across the road.

Finally, a recent shot of our resident coal tit on the coconut and one of my few pictures of a marsh tit taken at a nature reserve some time ago. It is very similar to the willow tit but they are not a common sight. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. 😎

One comment

  1. Jen Darling · February 22

    Brilliant article. Just one comment … No way are we experts like you but tend to recognise a great tit first by the black stripe down its front, most prominent when adult I think. Jen



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