Spring is Springing!

Blackthorn flower, minature Iris Reticulata (garden) and Snowdrops still showing well.

Blackbirds by the Trent at ANR looking in peak condition. I think we have a couple of pairs in he garden.

There were two nuthatches visiting the bird table at the Beeston end of ANR but didn’t manage to get both of them in one shot. I presume they are a pair so we might see babies later. A very bossy robin trying to intimidate one of the nuthatches.

A grey squirrel poised to grab some of the sunflower hearts I was putting out.

Two birds catching the sun at ANR, a male reedbunting and a robin – half of what seemed to be a pair.

An immature mute swan swimming in a brook that feeds into the ponds at ANR and a lone red crested pochard among the other waterfowl. Three greylag geese flying down river. I took this to show how much the Trent was in flood.

Finally, from ANR, I saw several buzzards on my walk around the reserve but this one was the closest, flying over the Church Pond.

We are seeing lots of activity in the garden as we approach the spring. We have pairs of bluetits. great tits and dunnock and I’m pretty sure I saw two coal tits this morning. However our resident goldcrest remains single. I am getting some very nice views of it that have been well received on Twitter (@beestonbirdman) as has this VIDEO CLIP of it taking a bath. Keep a lookout for fledgelings and please unfreeze the birdbath if we have another overnight frost.

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