27th February – Sunny Sunday

The weather for the last Sunday of February was ideal for wildlife watching in the garden but also at Highfields, Nottingham University’s wonderful park and boating lake. The sun brought out Sunday afternoon walkers of all ages and daffodils in anticipation of St. David’s day tomorrow. I am indebted to a fellow bird photograper for telling me the location of some mandarin ducks.

They were resting on the parapet on the edge of the island behind some sparse vegetation so my view was a bit obscured. I took the headshots (top) through gaps between the twigs. The were three males and one female. Males are much more colourful, the females don’t have to try so hard to look good. 🙂

Some other birds enjoying the sun at Highfields, Egyptian goose, common pochard, little egret and a black headed gull in full adult summer plumage. The black head is in fact dark brown.

Finally, we had a visit from a couple of starlings to the garden feeders. They don’t seem so abundant as they have previously.

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