March 2022 – Meteorological Spring has Sprung

I was pleased to catch a nicely illuminated view of the Nottingham Trent University peregrine on the Notts WLT webcam on the 1st. Let’s hope its mate will be along soon.

Revisiting Highfields on Thursday in search of the mandarins seen the previous Sunday I found there were three remaining. It was apparent that Mrs had chosen her mate.

Also at Highfields a cormorant in breeding plumage and a rather intriguing structure in one of the older trees in the park.

Things are hotting up in the garden. We have at least one pair of blackbirds in the garden and a pair of goldfinches. Also pairs of dunnocks, robins and bluetits but no interest shown so far in any of the nestboxes I’ve installed.

Our tiny shower tray pond has some frogspawn. Hope we don’t get any more hard frost otherwise tadpoles are unlikely.

I hope all followers and visitors to join with me and all right thinking people worldwide in condemning the unprovoked agression and indiscriminate destruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure and defenceless people. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Ukraine.

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