Potpourri – The Sweet Smell of Spring

A selection of images from the first few days of Spring 2022.

Minature daffodils have taken over from the snowdrops around our apple tree and grape hyacinths are just showing a bit of blue.

Some regular visitors to the garden feeder ‘tree’. So far the bluetit is the only bird to try the new coconut feeder that I bought a batch of online. If they don’t all take to them I shall be looking for recipes involving insect and berry flavoured suet! 😉

First trip out on the new bike to ANR on Saturday 5th. Very pleased to get some good views of an oyster catcher, note the bright red eye and bill, and a couple of swans. Looking at the background I must have followed the swan by moving the camera with it, hence the bird is reasonably sharp whereas the background is blurred giving the impression of movement. The same technique applies to e.g. motor racing.

Today, Monday 7th, I took a rather chilly walk around the lake in Wollaton Park. I think I saw a possible juvenile in the heronry but, from these two shots, most of the nests had eggs still to hatch. The second heron looks like it’s turning them.

I had to look hard to spot somerose ringed parakeets in the trees at the far end of the lake as they were not well illuminated against a bright sky. By adjusting the exposure I managed to get some satisfactory pictures. There were four all together but I was lucky to get a sequence of a pair displaying and what looks like billing and cooing. Whatever you call it they are clearly getting it together. You can see one of the nest holes behinf the bird in the last image.

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