Birding by bicycle ….. well, mostly.

The new bike has taken me to ANR and Wollaton Park in the last few days. Here are some of the birds I have spotted.

Male and female goldeneye from ANR and a lone mandarin, possibly the one without a partner I saw on the Highfields boating lake.

A few parakeets were around the usual spot at the far end of the lake in Wollaton Park but on this second visit the light was better enabling some shots with colour in the background. This is probably the same pair that I saw billing & cooing on my previous visit.

I have been checking the webcams on the NTU peregrines since they have returned and managed to catch the female (probably) excavating a depression in the gravel and then trying it for size, which looks very promising.

Birds big and small enjoy the peanut butter mix I put on the ends of the natural branches attached to the garden feeder post. It also brings them clear of obstructions making for better photography. We seem to have a couple of pairs of bluetits in the garden but starlings are much scarcer compared to other years.

These two birds spotted at ANR respond well to the offer of sunflower hearts.

Finally, signs of Spring, the frogs have been busy making more frogspawn in our mini pond and I have seen and heard a bumble bee in the last two days.

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