A Monday Miscellany

For a change the weather is matching the season. I’ve not seen any summer migrants yet nor signs of nest building but I’m on the lookout. Here is a selection from the last few days at Highfields and ANR.

Stepping out of our front door on Saturday morning I heard the sound of crows trying to dislodge about 16 magpies from a tree opposite. The magpies stood their ground.

That afternoon we took a tram to Highfields. The mandarin pair seem to have taken up residence. I’m hoping for ducklings soon. I am informed they are a tree hole nesting species so I’ll be looking upwards. The central image is a ‘normal’ drake mallard but the other duck seems to be a bit mixed up.

I find clear action shots of birds rather tricky so I was pleased to catch an Egyptian goose flying under the bridge at Highfields and a couple of greylags in flight at ANR. I thought the birds in the 3rd image were just crows but it was a buzzard being mobbed by crows. The last shot is of a goose at Highfields that I have seen before. It is paired with a greylag but it looks to me to have a bit of Canadian DNA.

An early Sunday morning walk for a milk top-up, with the camera of course, snapped some early birds. Nice to see sparrows in privet hedges – not seen any in the garden for ages.

Apologies if you don’t like creepy crawlies but I found these creatures under a log. It looks like a pair of millipedes – male & female?? I replaced the log after taking these pictures.

Finally, some tufted ducks at ANR in the setting sun on Sunday evening. I love these little ducks. They always seem to be smiling. 😎 Enjoy these sunny spring days. 😎

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