Wild about Beeston – Gosling? Gander? Gaggle?

Each month since November last year I have the opportunity to submit an article on local wildlife to the Beeston edition of Nottingham Local News. This is the April edition, published on March 24th. Space in the paper is limited so I am posting some supplementary material and pictures on beestonbirdman.blog following the article below.

Some more pictures of greylag geese from my archive. They always seem to have a quiet dignity about them.

In the article I state that Egyptian geese have been known to nest in the kestrel box at ANR. I have reliable reports that they have done so twice this year but my picture is from 2017. The 3rd image is of two juveniles, yet to develop the full adult colouring. Permission to say ‘Ahhhhhhh!’ at the cluster of goslings pictured at ANR in 2019. The final image is from Highfields in September 2017. This is probably a family group with that year’s brood at about 6 months old and one parent, with the spot on its breast. Knowing how all goslings and ducklings are vulnerable to predation this represents a very sucessful breeding season.

Canada geese flying along the Trent with Barton chuch in the background, a lone goose, some goslings (in the car park at ANR) hoping for a handout and an image of an in-line creche that a friend gave me several years ago.

The barnacle goose rarely ventures this far inland. The top image is the one example I have seen locally, associating with some greylags. Maybe this is how cross breeding happens. The lower image is a pair I observed at Rutland Water in 2017.

And now for something completely different! In January 2020 I saw these two fine specimens among some domestic geese at Bennerley Marsh near Ilkeston, under the preserved iron railway viaduct. Can you identify them? 😎

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