A Mothering Sunday Selection

Images from my wanderings over the past week, mostly from ANR and Wollaton Park.

Now I am more mobile it is easier for me to check on the farm field just over the Erewash from ANR. I have seen cattle egrets and stonechats in this area but not this time. Instead here is one of the llamas trying to browse on one of the trees.

On my visit to Wollaton Park I was pleased to see young herons at various stages of development in the heronry. While trying to get a good view of the parakeets a buzzard came low over the park enabling a reasonable shot. Finally two of four mandarins in and around the lake. It seems to be a good year for them. I will look out for any ducklings.

At ANR yesterday (26th) a pairof Egyptian geese with 9 goslings passed by as I was crossing the bridge on the main path. I saw them later in the car park making short work of some sunflower hearts I scattered for them.

From ANR: A great white egret on the Works Pond. The ground looks pretty sterile after the clearance of all the sand and gravel processing plant but I see signs of re-wilding e.g. the establishment of a reedbed. A Caspian gull landing with its crayfish lunch. Greylag goose seeing of a rival. Reed bunting, thoughtful bluetit and a very lucky shot of a robin pair bonding with a gift of a (sunflower) heart.

First picture of a butterfly this year, though I have seen several brimstones in addition to this comma. I love the detail of emerging new life in this sticky bud “Summer is icumin in ….”

Finally, Mrs P has laid another egg over the weekend – very eggciting!

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