While the Sun Still Shone ……

I have taken advantage of the recent spell of fine weather, as you might expect, taking pictures of the wildlife both in the garden and at Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Mrs Blackbird has been busy in the garden gathering nesting material from our mini pond and a starling perched on the fence with some more. I use this behaviour as an excuse for not being too tidy in the garden. I justify not weeding likewise. šŸ™‚

We are regularly getting two or three goldfinches in the garden. For some reason they do like nibblig pieces off a silver/white fern-like plant Senecio cineraria commonly know as silver ragwort.. They don’t seem to eat it. This too might be nesting material.

Our birdbath gets quite a lot of use – but would you drink someone else’s bath water? Don’t forget to provide water for our feathered friends when we have spells of dry weather.

On Tuesday I had ride around ANR. It was pretty quiet but I saw some heron action from the Kingfisher Hide. One was chasing another which landed in front of the hide, caught a couple of newts and flew off a few minutes later.

A male chaffinch looking very smart in the sunshine by the riverside path while enjoying some sunflower hearts.

Sheep with lambs in the farm field just over the Erewash from ANR. I will be looking out for cattle egrets in this area – just inside Derbyshire.

Finally, from our kitchen window, the red robin shrub looks like giving us a good show this year. The next posting will be about the calendar bird for April, the common kestrel. TTFN.

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