A Chilly Start to April …..

I don’t remember whether March came in like a lamb but it certainly went out like a lion and April held on to the chill but thankfully with a good measure of blue sky. I’ve paid two visits to Highfields and one to Wollaton Park over the last two days.

On Saturday 2nd I was pleased to see two pied wagtails flitting about the lichen mottled stonework by the Highfields boating lake. I did not envy the brave souls paddle boarding.

The wind chill on Friday 1st meant my trip to Highfields was brief but it was colourful. The mandarin ducks came quite close, expecting to be fed but I had to disapoint them. I was pleased to get some shots of the pair close together. The last image is a single male seen off by the other one when he got too close to his mate.

A male tufted duck resting – but keeping a beady eye open in case of trouble.

The heronry in Wollaton Park seem to be thriving with parent birds constantly coming and going but I was surprised to see a couple of little egrets in the adjacent trees. They may be a pair but I saw no evidence of nest building. They always seem to have a pink tinge to their plumage. Note the bird pictured is standing on one leg, the other being tucked under its feathers next to its body to reduce heat loss.

The far, western end of the Wollaton Park lake is generally the best place to spot the rose ringed parakeets but today a great spotted woodpecker put in appearance which was a bonus. The red patch on the back of the head means it is a male.

Finally on the evening of Friday 1st checking on the NTU peregrine just before 9:00pm to find her shuffling the eggs. I had reports of there being four but this is conclusive. If they all hatch the both parents are going to be very busy ……… Meanwhile remenber to thaw out the birdbath in the morning and stay wild!

One comment

  1. Gill · April 2

    Love the woodpecker. Have been on the lookout for him on the park.


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