Sunny Sunday Sightings

As an antidote to a murky Monday I’m posting some images from the garden and Attenborough Nature Reserve, mostly taken yesterday, Sunday 3rd April. Hope they give you a bit of a lift at the start of the working week. šŸ˜Ž

At ANR, a drake tufted duck with the evening sun bringing out the purple sheen of his head plumage and some distant shots of shoveller and tufted ducks just before splashdown, taken from the Kingfisher Hide.

In the garden; a rare opportunity to get some clear shots of a singing wren perched on the feeder ‘tree’, a nicely illuminated view of a bluetit among the apple tree buds and, my excuse for not weeding, a starling gathering some nesting material.

Finally, from ANR, I tempted this nuthatch onto the usual bird table with some sunflower hearts and a sweet little long tailed tit perched on a sunlit dead branch long enough for some nice, sharp images.

P.S. As I was composing this posting our local hedgehog turned up under the apple tree. I hurried out with some cat food (meat not fish) and watched it home in on the dish, probably by smell, and proceed to polish off the lot.

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  1. Paul Dilks · April 4

    Very envious of your pet hedge pig Raymond! Paul

    Sent from my iPad



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