It’s a Wild World this April

We are now getting regular visits from a hedgehog so I have topped up the stock of meaty catfood. It turned up late in the afternoon of Wednesday 6th so I served up some supper. A cheeky magpie tried to snatch a bite as you can see from this 7 second VIDEO CLIP. Just click on the picture to see who won.

The NTU peregrines now have four eggs. They were laid at the end of March so hopefully we will see chicks by the end of April. With one exception, the remainder of images for this posting are from Attenborough Nature Reserve.

The good light allowed me to get some action shots with minimal motion blur. A lesser black backed gull looking for crayfish, a caspian gull, a cormorant and a little gull. This is the exception. A rare Little Gull has been sighted at ANR for several days this week. This is my only sighting of one on holiday in Norfolk.

Male and female teal. As in many ground nesting species the female is less colourful to camouflage her on the nest.

A bluetit finds the invisible perch, another realises it has a double, a pensive robin and a rather superior looking greylag goose.

Finally, a mute swan finishes off its morning preen with a bit of a flap. Enjoy the sun. 😎

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