Still Busy Birding by Bike

On my way into Wollaton Park on Sunday afternoon I met Barry, sitting on the shoulder of his keeper. I don’t normally feature pets but as he was happy to perch on my handlebars and accepted my card I’m including him in this posting. His distant cousins, the rose ringed parakeets, were around their usual haunts but a bit camera shy.

Returning home via the University Park, Highfields, I had sight of a nicely illuminated drake teal and a trio of red crested pochard cruising the boating lake.

Also at Highfields, one of a pair of coots gathers more material for the nest. The sitting bird accepts the bundle of leaves, adding them to the nest. I waited to see if she would stand up so I could see the eggs but she sat tight.

Finally, from the garden this morning I was pleased to catch this bluetit gathering sheep fleece for a cosy nest and a smart goldfinch grabbing a snack.

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