An Easter Seleggtion of Wildlife Spots

I trust the weather where you are this Easter time is warm and sunny and you have the opportunity to get out and enjoy all the spring wildlife. Here are some of my sightings from all the usual haunts.

Yesterday evening this blackbird was seranading the sunset at the bottom of the garden.

Top image: A pair of great crested grebe on the Highfields lake. If they are as sucessful as they were last year then we are in for a lot of grebelings. The lower images are of another pair at ANR doing a bit of pair bonding, taken from a video clip.

I was a good day for little birds at ANR yesterday (16th). I managed to photograph two separate wrens, one singing to proclaim its territory on the top of a bush. Alongside the river I saw my first warblers of the season, a whitethroat and a blackcap.

I was pleased to see a nuthatch on one of the bird tables at ANR. This time it seemed wary of what might be overhead. I heard an aircraft which it might have a similar profile as a bird of prey which is an obvious threat. The lower image is of a buzzard being harassed by a single crow in another part of the reserve.

Finally, from Wollaton Park a gaggle of Egyptian goslings and, sometime later, the same having their morning nap cosily under mum’s outspread wings.

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