Apple Blossom Time

I’m very much enjoying new life unfolding day by day as spring moves into summer. Our apple tree now has pink buds bursting into blossom and fresh green leaves. A great tit chose to perch among them to nibble seeds taken from the feeder.

On a smaller scale insects are becoming active. These are examples from the garden. A small white butterfly on an honesty flower, a honey bee on forget-me-nots, a dark bumble bee on a primula and a curiously coloured ladybird on our red robin shrub. I have seen orange tip, blue and speckled wood butterflies but they were a bit camera shy.

I’ve had a bit more sucess at ANR with butterflies, a peacock and a small tortoishell.

A pair of greylag geese posing in the lake at Wollaton Park and I’m pleased to report that the brood of Egyptian goslings still numbers eight.

Finally, a VIDEO clip of a pair of rose ringed parakeets in Wollaton Park performing what looks like a courtship display. CLICK on the IMAGE to view.

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