Hmmmm ….. What’s that Buzzing?

Well, it could be the sound of a distant Flymo but for me it’s the sound of spring. Flowers, like these cowslips abundant at ANR and all kinds of blossom, are sending out their scented invitations to bees, hoverflies, butterflies etc.

A honey bee and a bumble bee on our apple blossom and two bee-flies. The dark colouration on the leading edge of the wings means these are dark edged bee-flies. The last image is from ANR, all the others are from the garden. Bee-flies have a single pair of wings that rest perpendicular to the body whereas bees have two pairs that rest along the body.

Four butterflies from my last trip to ANR yesterday. Male and female orange tip. speckled wood and a peacock looking like a dried leaf with its wings folded. The last two mages, taken in the garden today, are views of a small blue butterfly.

This was a rather special moment at ANR yesterday. Doing my usual trick of looking where another birder was pointing his lens and with his help, I took my first ever clear pictures of a Cetti’s warbler (pronounced Chetties). At this time of year their sudden loud burst of song is more often heard than the bird is seen. This is definitely one for next year’s calendar!

Another warbler seen from the Trent-side path, this time a whitethroat.

Finally, not a rare bird by any means, but I had to include this picture of a beautiful bluetit taken at ANR yesterday.

One comment

  1. Keith Dennis · April 27

    Hi Ray wonderful pics, cettis warbler definitely on next calendar . Love bluebells, cowslips, primroses, all the birds and butterflies

    Love to both xxxxx

    Margaret and Keith


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