A Wild Weekend

A selection of images from Wollaton Park, Highfields and the garden over the weekend.

Fallow deer grazing among the bluebells and part of the woodland in Wollaton Park.

This pair of Egyptian geese still had eight goslings on Saturday. There were two pairs of great crested grebe doing some pair bonding display and I saw five rose ringed parakeets at the Parkside end of Wollaton Park.

VIDEO CLIP. Click on the image to view. Mrs Mallard keeping a careful watch over her seven ducklings at Highfields on Saturday. The Benny Hill theme tune comes to mind.

We had a second visit from this great spotted woodpecker on Saturday morning. He had a good few pecks at the ‘berry’ flavoured suet mix. I had the camera on the tripod to get a steady video and selected these images from that. The feeder post is about 5m from my seat and the camera lens points through a hole in a blackout blind to avoid distraction and reflections.

Finally, we are getting regular visits from the hedgehog. We give it meaty catfood and often a magpie tries to grab a beakful. It look as if he got some in this shot.

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  1. Hilary Griffiths · April 26

    Beautiful email, thank you very much! Xx

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