Something New … … …

Up to a point I was a little disappointed on my walk around ANR yesterday. The rather dull weather was not the sunny intervals forecast and the warblers were keeping their heads down. However all was not lost. Taking the path alongside the Ridge and Furrow field I was rewarded with my first ever sighting of linnets.

Linnets are members of the finch family. The female (centre), as usual, is less colourful. The male, here in breeding plumage, could be mistaken for a redpoll.

Greylag goose with young from earlier in the week and a rather fine cock pheasant yesterday.

Just after getting home I saw a male chaffinch taking a bath and seeming to object to a bluetit sharing his ablutions. You can add your own dialogue.

In the garden I was pleasantly surprised to see some tadpoles in our tiny pond. We had lots of frogspawn but I didn’t expect it to survive the late March frosts. CLICK on the IMAGE to see them wriggle.

Finally, from the garden this morning, a pair of collared doves dropped in for a look round.

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