A May Day Miscellany

I wasn’t planning to post anything on the blog today (1st May) but I had to share some shots of a great spotted woodpecker that spent over 5 minutes in the garden this morning. He first went on the feeder post for some peanut butter mix then onto a shrub where he pecked a few morsels and finished with a long drink from the birdbath.

Above is a VIDEO CLIP of Woody quenching his thirst. Click on the image to view.

We have another hedgehog in the garden. He’s the smaller one. I’ve named him Herbie. Starlings are regularly coming to the feeders and gathering nest material.

A whitethroat from ANR and some better shots of a parakeet in Wollaton Park.

Finally, a view of the woods in Wollaton Park with bluebells.

One comment

  1. Paul Dilks · May 1

    Two hedgehogs! That’s just greedy Raymond! I don’t seem to have any! Paul

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