The Young Ones …..

I am prompted to post some images from the last week or so by the sight of the first baby bird in the garden, a robin, this afternoon (Sunday 8th).

Clockwise from top left: a tender moment from Highfields – a coot chick with mum, two peregrine chicks on the NTU Newton Building – from the webcam, the baby robin in the garden and some juvenile herons in Wollaton Park.

A VIDEO CLIP of mallard ducklings from Highfields yesterday. CLICK on the image to view..

We have several different colourways of Aquilegia in the garden. I was pleased to capture these images before the greenfly got to them.

Now the weather is getting a bit warmer and flowers opening I’m on the lookout for any insects. Today: a mint moth on some forget-me-nots and a tiny shield bug the like of which I have not seen before. It is about half the size of my little fingernail. Any ID suggestions?

No sign yet of ducklings from this pair of mandarins in Wollaton Park.

Some more shots of a sedge warbler from ANR last week.

Finally, another view of the bluebells in dappled shade among the trees in Wollaton Park.

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