A May Meander

Some images from yesterday (9th) and today taken at ANR and in the garden.

It is said that good things come in threes. Three mallard ducklings marching along the path and three greylag goslings keeping close to mum (or dad).

I often see a wren singing its heart out atop this bush alongside the main path at ANR. This time I was able to take some pictures with a backdrop of out of focus foliage rather than a bright sky which makes for a clearer image.

Shortly after arriving home from ANR a male great spotted woodpecker dropped into the garden for a peck at a suet filled coconut shell followed by a drink from the birdbath. Another one for the calendar!

We are getting good numbers of starlings in the garden. Their antics are a joy to observe. Here’s hoping for some offspring soon.

Our one baby robin has found its way to the feeder tree. I have recently upgraded to the latest version of PaintShop Pro. I’ve used the ‘Portrait’ option to make the bird stand out by selectively blurring the background in the second image. A similar option allows the replacement of the whole background which offers some interesting possibilities.

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