Starling Stampede!

In my last blog posting I thought we might see some starling youngsters soon. Well, here they are, sooner than expected. These are pictures from the last couple of days. They come in a mob and the grey coloured juveniles leave the adults in no doubt where to put the food! The individual on the concrete path allowed me to approach quite close, not having learned fear of humans.

A goldfinch sunning itself on a dry stem from my latest trip to ANR. The bluetit is from the garden this morning. I have modified the feeding station post with some tree bark to make it look more natural. I hope the woodpecker gives it a try soon, and maybe bring the family.

Our baby robin is doing well with apparently no parental assistance. The second image is one from August 2015, also in the garden, showing the adult feathers developing.

The warmer weather means more insects are active in the garden. Holly blue and orange tip butterflies and my first snap of a small hoverfly.

Another picture from ANR. The riverside path crosses a wide outflow from the reserve ponds into the Trent in a shallow weir. I spent some time observing this heron fishing in the turbulent water. It was only when I uploaded the pictures to my laptop that I realised this was a rather dramatic image, with the textures and reflections in the swirling water with the green of the vegetation on the bank and white foam. One for the 2023 calendar!

Another picture of the heron superimposed on a view from our retirement celebration holiday in Sweden and Norway in the summer of 2007. This is well north of the Arctic Circle. They say the camera cannot lie – but the photographer can bend the truth (with the right software!)

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