Well Spotted!

Towards the end of my ride around ANR yesterday I looked to see what was singing in the bushes alongside the main path and was delighted to spot this song thrush not 5 metres away. It was already spotted before I spotted it so I decided to give top spot on this posting and find a spot for it in next years calendar. Spot on!

The warming weather is bringing out more insects. The top images are a female orange tip butterfly confirmed by the marking under the wing and a holly blue, both from the garden. Lower images: female and male damsel flies at ANR. I have not seen any dragonflies yet.

First sighting of a baby goldfinch on a wire over the horse field adjacent to ANR.

I took the western path around ANR which took me past another outflow into the Trent from the Conneries pond. This little egret was busy fishing in the fast flowing water. I took these pictures from the footbridge.

Our local starlings continue to entertain with their antics. Some are still gathering nesting material so we can expect yet more babies.

The NTU peregrine chicks are growing fast. The other two eggs are being ignored.

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