A May Melange

Some pictures taken in the last few days in Wollaton Park, Highfields and the garden.

Sometimes it pays to look at the fine detail of the natural world. These tiny flowers are emerging on our smoke bush. This is a purple leaved shrub with feathery bunches of flowers that resemble puffs of smoke – hence the name. It is deciduous but the leaves persist well into autumn giving some welcome colour later in the year.

Still on the small scale I was fascinated with the coloured whorl pattern on this snail grazing the lichen on a twig. The shield bug was photographed on the window. If you are old enough to remember The Eagle comic this green creature reminds me of the Mekon in the Dan Dare stories. 🙂

It’s a long time since we have had a baby house sparrow in the garden. I’ve paired it with another robin perched on our apple tree which has fruit beginning to swell.

On our walk around Highfields on Thursday I spotted a nuthatch entering a hole in one of the trees. I’ve returned twice and managed some reasonable shots. It is clearly feeding young. I hope they make it because today I saw a crow hanging around. The entrance has been narrowed with mud which provides some protection for the nestlings.

Some fallow deer grazing in Wollaton Park this morning. They will be calving soon.

Finally, a rather lovely rose in the garden after a shower. Does it remind you of a song? It’s certainly one of my favourite things. I’ve used the portrait tool in PaintShop Pro to blur the background a little. A pleasing effect don’t you think?

One comment

  1. David Cole · May 22

    Hi Ray,

    Please accept my congrats on winning the photo competition!

    David Sent from Mail for Windows


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