Swanning Around ANR

I spotted my first cygnets of the year at ANR this morning. Initially all four were in the water but a little later three of them snuggled onto mum or dad’s back for a ride This is the first time I have witnessed this behaviour which made my day.

The ‘fresh’ breeze meant that most small birds stayed in cover but a whitethroat perched openly for me to take a couple of good shots.

Some images from the garden this week. The first looks like a baby dunnock and the blue ceanothus flowers make a nice background for the robin and the bluetit. Incidentally when rhe sun shines this bush positively buzzes with honey and bumble bees.

Finally, my latest article for the Beeston Local News. Enjoy the weekend – whichever team you support. 😎


  1. birdingbirds · May 27

    Good to see you this morning at ANR. Great pictures.

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  2. Jen Darling · May 28

    Super article. I’ve even posted it on my Facebook page. Jen



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