Still Swanning Around …..

Making a return visit to Highfields to check on the nuthatch nest I saw a pair of mute swans with eight young, all of which managed to scramble on a parent’s back when a rowing boat got a bit close.

Having witnessed this behaviour for the first time only the day before at ANR this was extra special. The bottom image is from a couple of days later showing still eight cygnets which is good news.

Good news re the nuthatch nest. The adult was still flying in with juicy titbits for what looks like a single, but well developed, chick. There was no sign of either on June 1st so hopefully the chick has fledged.

In Wollaton Park the large brood of Egyptian goslings is still complete which is excellent news.

One of many views I have had of whitethroats at ANR in the last few days.

Finally, the NTU peregrine chicks are doing well, shedding their downy plumage as the adult feathers develop.

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