Jubilee Juveniles

Some images of young birds from the last few days – and a little bit more.

I am indebted to a fellow birder for pointing out these four adorable little whitethroat chicks in the bushes alongside the river at ANR yesterday (3rd). The parents were very busy gathering food for them.

Earlier in the week, both at Wollaton Park and Highfields, there were numerous juvenile coots at various stages of development. This pair were gathering water weed by the stepping stones at Highfields.

Great tits have bred nearby, ignoring all the nest boxes I have installed in the garden, but the youngsters have found our deluxe feeding station. I think we have at least four chicks. I have added some bark to the wooden post to make it look more ‘natural’.

Starlings are regular garden visitors and this year’s young are beginning to develop adult plumage from the tail end.

Finally, a tern diving for fish seen yesterday ay ANR. The last image is it emerging from the dive. I can’t see if it was successful. Enjoy the rest of the jubilee celebrations. 😎

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