Peregrines’ Progress …… plus

I took a trip into Nottingham earlier in the week to have a look at the peregrines on the NTU building. I got some reasonable shots of the adults from the pavement but the two juveniles were out of sight.

The female is top right with an orange ring on the left leg. The two juveniles are pictured later taken from the webcam. They are clearly thriving, losing their downy coat and developing adult plumage.

Some shots from Highfields. The cygnets I blogged about recently are thriving but no sign of goslings for the Egyptian geese. Lower images a pied or a white wagtail, not sure which.

We are getting a few more insects in the garden, a pair of mint moths in our aromatic bed and a hoverfly on the ceanothus bush which is covered in blue flowers and lots of bees. Below, a baby robin and one of our juvenile great tits with a tasty morsel.

Finally, a sedge warbler from ANR and a rather rare plant spotted among some long grass at Highfields. It is a ragged robin named from its ragged, divided petals.

One comment

  1. Hilary Griffiths · June 10

    Love the pics! Tons of love to the fluffy babies ! Thanks ! Xxx

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