One video clip and some wildlife images from the last few days.

I have seen very little great crested grebe activity so far this year but I thought this pair I saw at ANR looked promising with the proffered water weed but she seems to have lost interest in the last image.

Having been tipped off by a fellow birder that house martins were nesting again under the eves of a shop in Beeston I took my tripod and managed some wobble free video clips of the parent birds flying in with sustenance for their young. This is a compilation of the best bits slowed down a little. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW.

We are getting regular visits from a female house sparrow and, occasionally, a male (top). If they are a pair we might see some babies!

Another view of the Highfields cygnets. Sadly, I have since heard some have been predated.

Finally, some images from my last visit to ANR. A juvenile herring gull, a common tern in flight, a rather fine male chaffinch and a damsel fly that I have yet to identify. Enjoy the heat-wave. 😎 😎

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