OH! Deer!

This was the sight that greeted me as I rode into Wollaton Park this morning. An all-male group of red deer heading for some browsing in the ha ha, which is partly flooded. As the mating game is over till the autumn they seemed to be getting on well together but there was no doubt who was the boss, The hinds will be somewhere secluded giving birth to their calves.

There were no parakeets around today but from my usual viewing point I saw this large bed of marsh marigolds.

Sadly, the brood of eight cygnets on the Highfields boating lake is now down to four. Lower images – a couple of Canada goslings and a preening coot revealed her clutch of at least seven eggs.

Finally, from the garden; a female house sparrow that visits regularly, a hoverfly I managed to snap in mid-air and the juvenile starlings never fail to amuse with their antics on the feeder tree. Don’t forget the sun cream tomorrow. 😎


  1. lowey.30@ntlworld.com · June 17

    Morning Raymond,

    Lovely pictures at Wollaton Park.

    My garden and a neighbouring garden now host a family of four foxes. We only spotted them because the security lights in our driveway were often being triggered at night!

    Good point about the sun cream.

    Love to you and Barbara from

    Mavis and Dave


  2. Keith Dennis · June 21

    Hi Ray and Barbara thinking about you. Ray, we continue to love and enjoy your pictures, very special. We have had two baby goldfinches fly into window, one did recover and fly away. Never had this before. Sending love and good wishes Margaret and Keith xx God bless


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