Phew! What a Scorcher!

Frankly I’m not keen on very hot weather but if I can keep in the shade the light is very good for photography. Here are some results from the last week or so.

Mute swans are doing well this year, large numbers (~250) being reported at Attenborough. I have concentrated mainly on those with cygnets from all three of my favourite haunts.

Baby birds are much in evidence in the garden too. Bluetits are able to cling on to my my simulated tree trunk, a baby robin often enjoys the coconut shell contents and a few days ago we had a welcome visit from a small group of long tailed tits, including some juveniles.

And I am presuming that one of these house sparrows perched on the fence is a juvenile.

Insects are not as abundant as I would expect. I have only seen the odd dragonfly but damselflies, in various colours, are a little more evident.

The same applies to butterflies. I have seen brimstone, meadow brown. speckled wood and comma but only small totoishell have settled long enough for some pictures. The patterning on the underwing is not something I have noticed before.

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