Friday Focus

This time at Wollaton Park the first wild thing I saw was a group of fallow deer. They were mostly obscured by the long grass but these two showed quite well. I suspect they were checking me out.

Several rose ringed parakeets were feeding in this tree. The bird in the first image is holding a catkin with its left claw while clinging onto a branch with the other.

A late brood of eight Egyptian goslings with attentive parents keeping watch and seven cygnets. Let’s hope they all make it to maturity.

I was pleased to see this male great spotted woodpecker in the garden in the morning. Hope brings the family sometime.

Finally, from Wollaton Park, the water lilies are beginning to bloom on the lake.

One comment

  1. David Cole · June 25

    Hi, Ray,

    When you walked by the deer, were you just passing the buck?



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