Wild Fourth of July!

Roe deer in Wollaton Park and two of three little egrets by the lake. I have not seen more than the odd little egret in the Park before.

The remaining ducklings of an original brood of 9, a coot with a protective leg around its single chick and a red crested pochard in so called eclipse. In common with many duck species they lose their smart breeding plumage until next spring. At this time it is hard to distinguish male and female ducks. These were all in the boating lake at Highfields – Nottingham University Park.

Mr Jay is now becoming a regular visitor to the bird house now he knows peanuts are on offer.

Finally, my first ever sighting of a Raven. Part of a family group these birds are BIG but rather shy so I am pleased they let me get close enough to get some good shots. Because they are a rather rare species and sensitive to disturbance I am not at liberty to reveal the location.

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