A Wild July Week

A selection of wildlife images from the last few days.

We are still getting regular visits from a jay, in fact we had two this morning resulting in a bit of a spat. The upper image shows one on a branch I have retrieved from our ,local park which I intend to add to my ‘natural‘ perches in the garden.

From my trip around Attenborough Nature Reserve yesterday (7th) a grey heron in the Works Pond and a little egret looking for a snack in the pond by the Wet Marsh path. it was a lucky shot to catch it in the act of taking off. I you look carefully its yellow feet are visible.

Again at ANR shots of greylag geese and a distant view of a green sandpiper taken from the Kingfisher Hide.

Finally from ANR a distant shot of a bored looking buzzard on a telegraph pole near where the Erewash flows into the Trent.

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