July Jays …

We now have two jays in the garden after the peanuts and other bird food. The first picture is on the apple tree and the others on my ‘natural‘ perches. There is a bit of agro between them as you can see.

Last week this male great spotted woodpecker finally found my ‘natural‘ feeder post and had a good peck at it. Here’s hoping for more visits, especially if he is part of a breeding pair.

Some ducklings from a sadly depleted brood I have observed previously at Highfields. They are all dark brown with a light ‘chest’ patch identical to Mum. I love the tiny stubby wings on the left hand image.

This family of mute swans seems to be doing well on the boating lake at Highfields. They were having a great time bathing, even turning upside down and waggling their webbed feet in the air. Click on the image to view the action.

It was a pleasure to get some close up views of a little egret by the stepping stones at Highfields. I waited a good while for it to catch something large but alas, it only caught small fry! Don’t you just love those yellow feet.

Stay Wild & Stay Cool! ğŸ˜Ž A special Welcome to new followers of the blog!

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