Phew! What a Scorcher!

A robin and a blackbird in the garden on Thursday 14th taking advantage of the sun. I believe this helps them get rid of parasites. The grass looks very parched and is likely ton remain so for quite a while with the expected heatwave.

I was please to photograph a couple of butterflies in the garden yesterday (Friday). A gatekeeper on our silver ragwort and a ringlet on a shrub. The hoverfly, commonly called the footballer after its black and yellow stripes has the scientific name Helophilus pendulus meaning dangling marsh-lover which accounts for it hanging around our mini pond. Our buddleia has flowered well but the flowers aren’t lasting, I expect because of the drought.

I’ll be staying in for the next few days for obviously reasons but my visit to ANR on Thursday yielded some great views of an acrobatic tern over the Church Pond, a rather smart cormorant on a dead tree in the Beeston Pit and two of three little egrets by the Wet Marsh Path.

Please remember the wildlife over these next few days in particular. Leave out plenty of water and top it up regularly because it will evaporate very quickly in the heatwave.

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