Elegant Egrets & Colourful Corvids

Effectively house-bound by the heatwave I took an early bike ride to Wollaton Park and Highfields on Sunday morning.

The formal gardens at Wollaton Park where I took a short breather. There wasn’t much wildlife about for me to record.

As on my last visit, a little egret was patrolling the shallows by the stepping stones at Highfields. I find the reflections of the lake-side shrubbery intriguing and rather pleasing.

The egret managed some success, illustrated by these images. They are not sequential but you can just see a small fish between the egret’s upper and lower mandibles.

The Highfields swan family are clearly thriving. This shot shows just how little is a little egret.

My garden bird watching is all Playschool style in this hot spell, i.e. Through the Square Window. Our regular jay was joined on Sunday by another Corvid, a young magpie.

Finally. from the garden, a blue tit on the feeder tree with sunlit smoke bush leaves out of focus in the background and a small white butterfly on a lavender flower, all through the Square Window. 😎

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