A Monday Medley

J was grateful towards the end of last week to have some cooler weather and a drop of rain for our parched garden. This is a cool view across the River Trent at Attenborough looking towards Barton. I remember from my younger days a rowing boat ferried us across the river to Barton for just a penny. I think a little further upstream from this spot.

These mallards were having a thorough preen on the edge of one of the outflows from the Clifton Pit into the river. CLICK on the image to view the VIDEO.

The jay is a regular in the garden, periodically harassed by magpies, in fact it is intimidated by any large birds, even pigeons! Love the colours in the magpie!

We passed a neighbour’s garden where there is a lot of lavender and spotted this common blue butterfly. I rushed home and got my camera! The lavender flowers appear to be suffering due to the drought.

Our mint plants are flowering, attracting bees, hoverflies and butterflies. This fierce looking insect is a hornet mimic hoverfly. One ID point is that they have only one pair of wings whereas bees have two.

Finally, a male great spotted woodpecker paid us another visit on Sunday.

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